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July 31st, 2013  /  Category: Blog  / 

A very special thank you

I would like to begin by expressing my gratitude to Yehoshua Brill.

This project left the ground because he believed in my music and he showed me the beauty in it… At the beginning of 2012 him and I set out to make this album happen. After many months of work together, having recorded vocals and guitars, we felt the music wanted to fly higher and bigger, so it was time to add different instruments.

Julio Moreno then came into my life. He felt the music immediately, he understood the nature of it so clearly, and I knew he was perfect to continue this journey with me. We were both on the same page every step of the way. Julio gave the music a whole other dimension, he brought in beautiful musicians to add their magic to the songs and he mixed the album with true sensitivity and talent.

I am truly grateful for having crossed paths with both of them. Without Yehoshua, the recording of this project might have not started and without Julio it might have not been finished, and so beautifully. Thank you my darlings, from the bottom of my heart.

So much gratitude to all my Indiegogo Backers

Maria Games, Beau Robb, Braden Anderson, Patricio Motta, Sole Grognett, Kevan Dirinpour, Susan Enders, Erica Siegal & Adam Schwartz, Carlos & Gianna de la Torre, Don Metcalf, Heather and Mike Ferrari, Dr Deb & Brian Herman, Scott & Lisa Vineberg, Aya Iwasaki & Alan Prampin and Eric Denman, Noelia and José Citialin, Tommy Bisi, Buba Soto, Oski Gamboa, Sarah Pearson, Lauren Brand, Trevor Wyze, Alan Finn & Sarinya Rattana, Tim Hauser, Joie Astudillo, Gina Gratza, Urbanie Lamas, Melissa & GarthWynne-Jones, Angelique & Chris Fox, AJ Peralta, Stephanie Seimovich, Samuel Ybarra, Marsi Frey, Minx Larsen, Moshe Kronenfeld, Andrew Soria, Erez Bartal, Pete Slowey, Mary Diaz, Tony Giuliano, Adam Tenenbaum, Andie Villafañe, Alicyn Packard, Eric Madigan, Karoline Mikkelsen, Monti Stokes, Michaela Kary, Michael Engel, Andra Moldav, Darrah Danielle, Hiking Yoga (Carina & Eric Kipp), Golan David Danino, Ariana Saraha, Nicholas Alvarado, Yogi Handlin, Muchin Kuo, Alexa Webster, Renata barbieri, Cristina Urioste, Pedro Motta, Mary Frasca, Ariane Sims, David Bergeaud, Amy West, Lisa de Narvaez, Skye Von der Osten, Ani Parseghian, Kimberly Kite, Mirja Jansson, Germano Kuerten, Vanita Gupta, Victoria Coaloa, Shannon Ialongo, Bridget Bauguess, Kira Kushnirova, Asa Gustavsson, Ted Campbell, Ronnie Yoked, Devon Capps, Holly & Travis Johnson, Dru Doe, Tarah Dowling, Helena Pisani, Shiho Yoshida, Lucas Mroczkowski, Fabielle Orta, Marianne Flemming and Laura Kim.

Deep appreciation!


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