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Shawni has been gaining attention in the dance scene since her release with Culprit, “Calling for You”, at the beginning of 2014. An angelic voice paired with a deep feeling of melancholy and mystery, Shawni’s voice is unmistakably unique.

“My music is the bridge and the essence of my Soul and I plan on exploring it thoroughly…”

Shawni pays special attention to what she writes about, so… Take a ride on her beautiful singing voice and explore her words as you dance to the rhythm of the beat.

Selected Discography


Calling for you – Dance Spirit, Balcazar & Sordo, Discern – Culprit 2014
Wizard of Love – Blond:ish – Rebirth 2014
Stars – Robbie Akbal, Aidan Lavelle – Culprit 2014
Undressed – Dance Spirit – Supernature 2015
Silent Words – Dance Spirit – Supernature 2015


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Director/ Editor: Patricio Motta, Director of Photography: Rene Villar-Rios


"Only Now" Album Release

Blog & Press

Music is 4 lovers

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Feb 2014

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Culprit LA releases “Calling for You” on Beatport

With the second release of the New Year, Culprit delves deeper into the nocturnal, melodic side of its sound by presenting Balcazar & Sordo, Dance …

Feb 2014

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